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Delivering Unique Expertise

Delivering Unique Expertise

About Us

T.A. Cook is a global expert in Asset Performance Excellence with offices and experienced staff around the world. We work in the capital intensive industries to develop and implement programs to increase and sustain our clients’ profitability. Since 2021, T.A. Cook has joined Accenture's Industry X business unit making us the one-stop provider for seamless asset lifecycle services enabled by digital solutions.  

T.A. Cook focuses on core asset management topics while Accenture provides comprehensive digital expertise and scalability.  The resulting end-to-end services benefit the client in reducing risk, improving asset productivity and output, and lowering total cost of ownership. The result is more sustainable and resilient assets and operations.  Together, we represent the Intelligent Asset Management of the future.              



Ownership is everything so people must see and feel that what they are being asked to do is important, involving and genuinely achievable. We fit our style and approach to your environment, culture and industry. We share best practices, demonstrate our passion and understanding of detail and will together find the best solution. These values apply equally to the way in which we help our clients and also run our own business.