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Achieving success together

Achieving success together

Our collaborative approach delivers sustainable results

Today, more than ever, companies have to be agile and react to constantly changing market conditions, new technologies and unexpected challenges. With a team of specialized consultants, engineers, development coaches as well as a broad selection of industry focused events we provide a unique approach to develop and implement programs that increase and sustain our clients’ profitability. Generating tailored and pragmatic solutions we use proactive stakeholder management, target oriented communication and project marketing to achieve positive change.



Our experts will identify opportunities for improvement and know that turning them into a success story requires everybody – from shop floor to boardroom – to understand, support and embrace the change. Implementing solutions is our passion. Find out more 


Filling all important positions with reliable experts who have the skills and experience to prepare and execute complex projects is a great challenge for many of our clients. Find out how our experienced Engineers team will support you with years of expertise and a hands-on mentality.


For more than 25 years, we have been driving relevant topics and innovations in technical asset management, especially for maintenance, turnarounds and CAPEX projects. With our events, we offer a platform those responsible for asset management to network with innovation leaders, experts and practitioners from the industry and to discuss trends and best practices. Check out the the German events overview  

Collectively arriving at the best solution

We model our style and approach to your environment, culture, and industry. We share best practices, demonstrate our passion and attention to detail. Each project is run by T.A. Cook with client participation throughout and governed by clear accountabilities, milestones and expectation of measurable benefits.


To ensure sustainability, we focus on developing pragmatic solutions which can be understood at all the relevant levels. Where specific skills are lacking, we identify, promote and develop talent to 


We work on efficiency and effectiveness to drive measurable improvements to performance in fixed time, fixed costs engagements.


We concentrate on performance drivers and develop the best, most robust management systems using relevant KPIs, based upon experience of implementing management systems at numerous companies around 

3-step process for sustainable success

By understanding your strategic intent and defining critical timetables, parameters and also limitations, we can help you with top-down support to align senior managers. Working bottom-up with operational staff we generate understanding, acceptance and enthusiasm. This dual approach is a proven combination for generating employee ownership for all projects and propelling the business to learn and replicate success. 


At the beginning of engagement, we assess the as-is checking facts & data, holding meetings with a range of decision-makers, influencers, key players and participants to gauge your situation and validate availability. This analysis is conducted with great precision to define opportunity, create buy-in and develop a business case for further action and implementation on a fixed time, fixed cost project basis.

Design & Implementation

During the core phase, we switch to finding specific solutions, improving processes and organizing for success. Where in-house knowledge and answers are not readily available, we are able to bring a range of best practices, tools and techniques which are transferred to the client organization and provide the basis for continuous improvement.


During the last 25% of the project, the foundation for genuine sustainability is set through audits, checks and iterative improvements. Ownership gradually shifts towards the clients team to guarantee sustainable benefits.

Achieving the next level of asset performance management

Throughout all 3 phases we work with proofed project management methodologies, an individually designed change management model and ensure that the required mechanism for benefit calculation is set up, tested and proven to your satisfaction from the beginning.


In alignment with project requirements and our clients needs we work with waterfall or agile approach. While the sequence stages of waterfall work best for projects with specific requirements and clearly defined outcome, the iterative approach of agile works best for projects when there is a greater chance of frequent changes in the requirements.


70% of change management initiatives fail due to a lack of ownership. With our DRIVE approach we enable our clients to improve workforce and operational performance and manage continuous improvement across their organization. Find out how we DRIVE change management  


To generate tailored and pragmatic solutions we work with a 3-level tracking system that monitors project progress to ensure sustainable success. It involves proactive stakeholder management, target oriented communication and project marketing. See details  

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Dieter Körner

Dieter Körner