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T.A. COOK receives an award for their employee-centric corporate culture


The international management consultancy T.A. Cook has this year received an award from Great Place to Work® as one of the best employers in the consulting industry, and is also considered to be one of the best employers in Germany. Prizes were awarded to companies who offer their employees particularly attractive and supportive working conditions. 

“It fills us with pride to have received this award through the positive assessments of our employees. It goes to show that our commitment pays off – we have tried to create a working environment that genuinely and sustainably enhances our employees’ expectation of self-efficacy, one in which they can continue to develop and flourish”, says Maren Stieler, HR Director at T.A. Cook. "The Great Place to Work® certification is based on anonymous surveys submitted by employees on the subject of their corporate culture. We are for this reason particularly pleased that our investment in an innovative and employee-centric personnel strategy has paid off.”

The employee survey focuses on work-related themes such as being able to identify with the company, having trust in the managerial staff, options for professional development, remuneration, promotion of healthcare, and work-life balance. In addition to this, measures taken in the company by the HR department and the management are rated. The company's employees demonstrate a high level of satisfaction, above all in the area of fairness. "The award reflects a credible management team that works with their employees in a fair way and shows them respect, a high level of personal identification with the company on the part of the employees and a strong team spirit in the company", said Andreas Schubert, Managing Director of Great Place to Work® Germany, speaking at the awards ceremony.  

"For 25 years now, we have been successful in supporting internationally based companies to help them to define an optimal asset management strategy and to implement this successfully. This award therefore comes as a very nice 'gift' for our company anniversary", says Thomas Cook, chairman and co-founder of T.A. Cook. “In the past year, we have taken on 60 new members of staff and we now employ 150 experts worldwide. Our HR department therefore plays an important role when it comes to promoting a successful corporate culture. Through the establishment of extensive professional development programmes and benefits, we are able to motivate our international team and make ourselves attractive to new talent.”
In these times of full employment which result in a struggle to get the right skilled staff, a good HR strategy is more important than ever.

"In the long term, this is only possible through a corporate culture based on strong values, in which employees are empowered and in which we encourage and call for a readiness to take on responsibility", Maren Stieler explains. "You have to demonstrate your values by example and you need to create transparency. Each individual employee must be clear about what their own particular task in the company is and what contribution they are personally making to the success of the company. Only employees who have a good understanding of their environment in terms of value creation can be motivated in a sustainable way and will be committed and loyal to the company."