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When we plan a journey, we usually start out knowing two things: where we are and where we want to go. A majority of companies in the process industry today are in the midst of their Digital Transformation Journey adventure, but while many have formulated a goal for their digitization initiatives, few know their starting position. This is exactly where a Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) can provide important insights. It provides companies that are still in the process of embarking on Industry 4.0 with the orientation they need to invest in goal-oriented measures. For pioneers who have already set out on the path, it can be a valuable compass that enables them to determine whether they need to make a course correction - and thus save valuable resources.


By Markus Lewerenz



From digital maturity to roadmap

Studies show that over 80% of digital transformation initiatives miss their targets. When we start a digitization project with clients we always recommend a 'Digital Check-Up'. Based on the established acatech framework, our team of experts works with the client to develop a transparent and unbiased assessment of their company's specific digital maturity in the area of asset management. The company is analyzed and evaluated on the basis of the design fields of information systems, resources, culture and organization.

"How can digitization help implement the company's overarching business strategy for the coming years?"

In doing so, it is important to ask yourself the following questions: How can digitization help implement the company's overarching business strategy for the coming years? In which area should digitization initiatives increase value and with which KPIs can this be measured? Without answering these preparatory questions, there is a high risk that a lot of money will be invested in digitization projects, but the hoped-for positive effect will not materialize.

A gap analysis is used to assess the extent of defined Industry 4.0 capabilities in the company. The steps to close the identified gaps can then be collected to plan the digital initiatives. The ultimate goal here is to draw up a concept and schedule for all relevant fields of action. This digital roadmap sensitizes companies to adopt a uniform course throughout the company and provides a clear roadmap for the step-by-step implementation of the digital transformation.







Markus Lewerenz

Markus Lewerenz, is a principal at T.A. Cook with more than 10 years of experience in strategic and operational consulting for clients in the process industry. As a specialist in Change Management and Operational Excellence he mainly supports companies from the Chemical, Petrochemical and Oil and Gas industries with the development and management of global transformation programs. He holds a degree in business administration with a specialization in production management. After stops in London and Shanghai he now manages a long-term digitization program for a leading chemical company since 2017. Since 2020 he also is the global expertise lead for the digital solutions service at T.A. Cook.