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Missing resources to master the digital transformation

The digital turnaround - what's vision and what's reality? The answer to this and other hot topics was discussed at TAR 2020, T.A. Cook's annual conference for the STO industry. Leading industry experts presented best practice case studies providing solutions companies can use to master individual challenges.

During the live survey, in which over 250 participants voted, the challenges faced by many in the process industry became evident. Even though 25% see increasing digitalization as one of the biggest changes in the next 3-5 years,

only 5% agree that operators have the necessary resources to master the digital transformation.

This also explains why the response to the question of when digitization will bring the expected increases in efficiency was rather cautiously optimistic - nearly 42% think that they will only see the benefits of their investments in 5-10 years.

In addition to digital change, the use of scarce resources has become a hot topic in recent years. It was therefore not surprising that almost 37% see a reduced workforce and the availability of qualified specialists as the greatest change or rather challenge for the coming years. Planning horizons for STO projects must be expanded and collaborations explored in the long term. In keynotes and presentations established players such as TOTAL, BASF, Evonik, Bilfinger, EDF Energy and YNCORIS showcased how companies can choose the right strategy, design the internal interfaces between operations, maintenance and TAR / project organization, or properly manage the teams of external service providers.

Another interesting insight of the survey: 50% of the participants indicated that they see personal development through training as a key factor for motivating internal and external employees to embrace the changes ahead. An important reminder for companies that they will have to invest even more in training and development in the future.

You can find more information about the TAR Annual Conference and other conferences, workshops and seminars here.