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“Our team has been working on this major German Corporation’s main industrial site since 2011 providing project management, contract management, planning and scheduling services. Originally, we were called upon to assist in areas where the company could not complete specific technical tasks and our staff were asked to fill on a temporary basis.


Having determined that the expert staff provided by T.A. Cook were both technically competent and capable of social and professional integration, our client requested that they should be semi-permanently integrated into the client’s teams managing site maintenance, engineering capex and turnaround projects.

In a number of areas our staff has now been elevated into leadership positions providing not only engineering best practice but also guidance and taking over personnel management. They have established credibility and earned trust within their teams and across the site and are recognized as following in-house procedures flawlessly and coach junior client staff. In addition, drawing from T.A. Cook’s global expertise and contact with colleagues in similar circumstances, they are also able to quickly suggest improvements and changes from an independent best-practice viewpoint.

There was and remains a danger that planned shutdowns which must be executed in accordance with a fixed regulatory timetable are delayed or not properly prepared and executed.

To combat this, maintain timelines and thus reduce risk, we have been trusted to deepen our support by helping to organize the fast transfer of key activities into home office working, add further technical resources and ensure efficient working. The T.A. Cook experts were and are now seamlessly integrated into the new combined on and off-site working structures helping to manage the timely and efficient flow of data and ensure that critical activities are completed on time, on budget and, above all safely." 






Ulf Adelberg

Ulf Adelberg is a Senior Project & Contract Manager at T.A. Cook. As an expert for TAR management he has coordinated over 20 shutdowns and outages as a project manager. In more than 30 years of professional experience, he has gained extensive knowledge of plants in various industries in the areas of planning, project management, contract management, assembly supervision, construction and project management as well as in the maintenance of production plants. The mechanical engineering graduate specialized in organizational technology, purchasing and procurement and started his professional career in purchasing and as a commercial and contract manager in automotive and plant engineering as well as in infrastructure companies.