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The Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater e. V. (Federal Association of German Management Consultants) has created the seal #lieblingsarbeitgeber (favourite employer), with which the member companies commit themselves to a uniform employer code. As a certified member, T.A. Cook is proud to support this initiative and to be committed to this employer code.


Values such as respect, teamwork, employee development, flexibility and sustainability are not only a part of this employer codex, but also an integral part of our employee-oriented corporate culture at T.A. Cook. In nine points, the Employer Code describes the criteria that characterise the high level of quality and employer attractiveness of a consulting company like T.A. Cook:

  1. We work jointly in a fair, respectful, appreciative and sincere manner and achieve project success together with our customers.
  2. We offer everybody who is interested an insight into the consulting life in advance and our recruiting process is designed to be respectful and on eye level with our candidates.
  3. We welcome newcomers and career changers and prepare them in the best possible way for their first project assignment.
  4. We promote continuous learning and individual development - both professionally and personally.
  5. We invest time and energy to find suitable projects and tasks for individual development and career goals.
  6. We create a balance for the demanding conditions of project work through measures for work flexibility and organization.
  7. We help to create a work-life-balance in accordance with different phases of life in order to give the consulting profession a long-term perspective.
  8. We pay attractive and performance-related salaries and offer a wide range of additional benefits.
  9. We take on social responsibility and are committed beyond our consulting business. 


You can find more information on the Employer Code of the Federal Association of German Management Consultants here
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