Engineering Specialists Achieve Successful Shutdown at Leading Chemical Company

Due to a resource shortage in their existing team, a leading chemical company required on-site support to enable the successful execution of pending shutdowns for strategic key plants. The long-term experience of our specialists and executives was a key factor in hiring the T.A. Cook Engineers Turnaround Management Group. They quickly managed to integrate the company’s various teams worldwide in a timely manner to achieve positive results. Here are the key results:


Optimized contractor management


Costs and availability within set budget and timeline


Best-in-class integration of turnaround and capex projects


Introduced standards for planning/scheduling


The challenge was to integrate the huge number of complex tasks successfully into the shutdown, to maintain a high level of quality and to make improvements to the project wherever possible. During the course of the project, the consultants worked in close cooperation with the site and found that way third-party workers were handled was lacking in both their management on-site and in the contracts. Lead scheduling and planning was able to optimize structures within the project’s scope and to introduce standards that set the foundation for subsequent standstills.


Both the costs and the set timeline of the shutdown went according to plan. Thanks excellent cooperation among the entire team, the site was able to achieve a cost reduction of 25% and the project was delivered without any setbacks. Additionally, the quality of processes and executions as well as the contract management were optimized. Due to these positive results, the client expanded the in-house team, enhanced the logistics and infrastructure and improved overall quality management. The partnership between T.A. Cook Engineers and the chemical company will continue in the future.

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