Oil & Gas company increases offshore inspection and maintenance efficiency

T.A. Cook partnered with a top tier Oil & Gas giant to increase its inspection and maintenance efficiency. Aim was to improve their maintenance work definition processes allowing offshore staff to execute work as planned when scheduled. In addition, on/off-shore management systems covering logistics, material and contractor management required a new world class upgrade. The overall target was to reduce total costs to operate by 12% points.


Technicians’ utilization (HoTT) after 9 months - 32% when the project started


Acceptable work packages planned after 4 months – 31% when the project started


Monthly budget compliance after 9 months – it wasn’t tracked when the project started


After far-reaching analysis, T.A. Cook’s expert advisers realised that the maintenance of equipment needed a thorough overhaul, in order to boost profits and make the offshore technicians’ workload manageable. One of the most pressing issues was defining how work shall be execute most efficiently and aligning with other departments to undertake work as scheduled.

After investigating, our experts realised that on- and offshore logistics required an update allowing technicians to complete jobs according to the scheduled requirements. In addition, planning was on a basic state which had to be updated to a reliable, proven world-class work preparation process. This process needs to include material management, contractor management and logistics.In order to reduce administrative work on- and offshore, mobile devices were introduced to access critical data on the maintenance and engineering IT system. This allowed the supervisors spending significant more time on all levels of the rig controlling work progress and work quality. These and many more changes were worked out together with management and technicians, T.A. Cook explained, trained and coached every manager, engineer and technician on- and offshore.

All these initiatives paired with T.A. Cook proven world-class methods and best practises reduced total costs by 12% points.


We helped our client break the vicious cycle of corrective maintenance by dramatically reducing the need for expensive, unplanned repair work. By aligning engineering, inspections and maintenance/overhauling work schedule compliance improved significantly and monthly budget compliance was boosted to 98%. In addition, due to improved logistics, better quality of work planning and scheduling, technicians increased their Hands-on-Tool Time (HoTT) from 32% to 61%.

“We developed unique processes and systems together with our client’s management. T.A. Cook’s expertise in offshore operations was paramount to reduce overall costs significantly and therefore increased our clients profit margin. Our developed and implemented processes were audited by the clients global headquarters as “best in class world-wide” and rolled out to all other country subsidiaries.”

Maximilian Tan, Manager at T.A. Cook

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