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Focus Group Maintenance Benchmarks

The T.A. Cook Focus Group Maintenance Benchmarks is a network for process industry leaders to share their insight and experience on the basis of trust and openness. Participants (mainly from German speaking countries) discuss best practices, approaches and concepts that bring about success in their own company’s change processes. The objective is to gain specialized knowledge that can be directly applied to each individual’s own field of responsibility within a company.


The Focus Group Maintenance Benchmarks helps to develop indicators and their implementation. On the foundation of our MAINDEX™ data bank, it is possible to apply individual company benchmarks for selected maintenance and turnaround/revision processes.


The Focus Group Maintenance Benchmarks meets twice annually in different locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our network is characterized by a strong practical relevance, an open atmosphere for discussions and a free exchange of information.


Companies that already attend our focus group are Bayer, Evonik, Covestro, INEOS, Roche Diagonistics and more. Click on the icon to find out more about the next meeting in autumn 2019 and how you can attend.

“The strength of the focus group is the open, trusting atmosphere and cooperation of senior executives who don’t think of benchmarks just as dry metrics but who come together for a mutual exchange of best practices to develop their areas of responsibility.”



VP Business Development, BL-Technical Services Technology & Infrastructure, Evonik Technology & Infrastructure GmbH


If you want to find out more about our focus group or join it, please get in touch.


Astrid Werner

Director APM Marketing & Communities