This year marks the 25th anniversary of T.A. Cook. To honor this milestone, and the company's success, we are doing something that has been inherent in the company's philosophy from its earliest inception: giving back.

Our first 25 years have seen us grow – from a single office in Berlin, Germany to locations throughout the UK, Canada, USA and Asia. In that time, we are fortunate to have partnered with companies across diverse sectors, through a collaborative approach which frees up the power of people. It’s an ethos which drives our activities beyond immediate business partnerships. It’s something which encourages us to look to ourselves and how we can help the communities in which we work.


Good Deeds
"With so few people attending the blood donation, we felt it was especially valuable to participate." Sandra Albertsen, Berlin
“I feel a great sense of pride at helping to improve the local environment." James Haggan, Birmingham
"We feel lucky to be a part of a company culture that encourages us to give back in ways that are personally meaningful to us as individuals.” Jennifer Adams, Houston

“Giving back and supporting our local communities are principles ingrained in our company culture. We are proud to support our employees as they generously give back to our communities.”

Thomas Cook, Co-Founder and Chairman

From the start, we have understood that giving back means more than just money. It’s something which comes from a deeply held belief that we can do good, together. So, we have encouraged our people, ‘Cookies’ as we call them, to take action in their local communities. And we have supported them by giving time, and resources, to make a difference. We are proud of each and every one of our Cookies, as they have delivered our 25 good deeds. 

“When the T.A. Cook team started to think about ways to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary, giving back immediately sprang to mind. We have a long history of giving back and caring for others — whether through the close relationships the company forms with customers, partners and employees or supporting the communities we live in through volunteer work. So including a giving component in our company celebrations just made sense — it’s who we are”, says Thomas Cook, Co-founder and Chairman.