For any company striving to improve its operational effciency and effectiveness, benchmarking offers several key benefits. T.A. Cook’s detailed data, collected from international sources and by our own consultants on a range of operational, maintenance and turnaround topics, helps propel clients to sustainable improvements.


Shared experiences and best practice techniques deliver insights and impulses for continuously developing your maintenance organization.


We maintain a series of best-practice organizational models, management systems and performance metrics (KPIs) which can be customized.


T.A. Cook has developed a range of forecasting and predictive analytics which move beyond traditional maintenance benchmarking.

Data for individual solutions

MAINDEX™ is a database developed by T.A. Cook. It currently contains 60 specific key figures for efficiency, effectiveness and organization of maintenance, production and turnaround management that can be used for individual benchmarks. The study results are based on over 20,000 key data elements from more than 2,700 companies worldwide. They have been recorded since 2001 and are constantly being updated with new data.