Change needs

Change needs


How we DRIVE change management


70% of change management initiatives fail due to a lack of ownership and transparency. With our DRIVE approach we enable our clients to improve workforce and operational performance and manage continuous improvement across their organization. This is the foundation for a High Performance Workforce. Within DRIVE we have integrated our 25+ years of experience in successfully changing organizations and people from an “as-is” stage to a “to-be” stage. DRIVE connects our technical expertise with the "how-to" by combining change methodology. Applying digital tools throughout the project will provide you with full transparency about how the change impacts your organization.

DRIVE consists of 4 elements:

1. Speed Approach

In a fast changing environment one of the most important skills is project speed. During an improvement journey, therefore, it is better to aim for 80% results achieved quickly as opposed to 100% perfection, which typically takes a lot longer. Of course, we all aim for perfection as a long-term goal, but not as a single result. Operating at fast speeds requires an honest and open communication culture so the team can react quickly if the project goes off track. That’s why we establish a constructive atmosphere for challenging and building relationships founded on trust.


2. High Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is generally aligned to an employee’s skills, abilities, and knowledge. At some point, all change managers will be faced with an employee who has trouble following new procedures and rules or continually fails to hit KPIs and deliver. In contrast, issues such as constantly being late, or sending an inappropriate email to a colleague, are behavior issues. In both cases you’ll need to think about providing training followed by on the job coaching. And you might also consider individual mentoring solutions. This is exactly what we do in a change process.

While it’s generally recognized that a well-trained employee will feel more positive about their job, employer and career future, industry research has documented the ROI from coaching through improved work performance and increased employee engagement and retention. Our field studies prove that around 80% of the employees who participated in coaching programs demonstrated increased work performance. Our project research shows that a maintenance team that received intensive coaching have a 54% higher target achievement rate.


3. Focus on Performance Levers

There are almost infinite options of various processes, tools and methodologies to improve your business. Using all of them is impossible and not necessary. We have identified the most important “Performance Levers” in asset management that impact condition, process element, strategy, or capability and enable long-term and sustainable performance.




4. Performance Monitoring - DRIVE+

DRIVE+ are a suite of digital apps we use during the project for collaboration and change communication. They contain:

  • Implementation Tracker
  • Coaching Tracker
  • Benefit Tracker
  • Performance Dashboard

All 4 tools provide maximum transparency of the current change performance status and potential road blocks. The entire project team and all stakeholders will have access to track and manage their activities, address further opportunities and share experiences.



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Bernd Zanger

Bernd Zanger

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