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  May 2018

A revolution is underway. Internet, big data, computational networks, algorithms and robotics are destined to change the industy. It is high time to embrace change yourself. 

“Digital is at the heart of our operations”

  May 2018

Heavy industry is witnessing wide-scale technological change and digitalisation is at the heart of any modernisation strategy. Asset-centric businesses are turning to new

The Power of Role Models

  May 2018

Women in the process industry are still a minority – even though typically female abilities such as communicatin, reflection, or cooperation are more sought-after than ever. Alice

Create your most effective maintenance strategy with the help of RCM

  May 2018 / Joy Singh, Senior Consultant

Maintenance constitutes a notable portion of operating costs for asset intensive industries. Management in these industries need dynamic maintenance strategies that provide measurable, qualitative results to justify the

Ideas from and on a connected world

  April 2018

Ideas worth spreading,” the TED Institute regularly invites experts to talk about the latest trends in technology, education, and design. We've selected six clips on the subject of Industry 4.0 that nobody with an

MainDays 2018

  March 2018 / Astrid Werner

The philosopher Heraclitus was famous for his insistence on ever-present change as being the fundamental essence of the universe. His belief that ‘nothing endures but change’ could be taken for the key theme of this

The blame game

  March 2018 / Frank-Uwe Hess, Chairman & Co-Founder

The kick-off meeting has taken place and time is ticking. Where in the past, one had all the time in the world, today nothing can be done quickly enough. This is the same during

"Yes, we can make this happen."

  March 2018 / Mark Banham

Even under the most ideal circumstances, achieving targets for an STO (shutdown, turnaround, outage) is a challenge. However, ideal circumstances are hard to come by, making a  

A perfect turnaround

  March 2018 / Jerry Wanichko, Vice President Consulting North America

Unpredictible obstacles are part of the job in turnaround projects. In a computer-based simulation, decision-makers learn how to deal with them in practice and yet without any

No turning a blind eye

  March 2018 / Frank-Uwe Hess, Chairman & Co-Founder

Look the other way and hope for the best? Not a good idea when managing large shutdown projects where there is always a risk of something going wrong. Huge budgets and potential