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(Pt 2) Availability: The First Element of Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  February 2022 , Lagging Metrics for Asset Management: OEE (part 2) / Drew Troyer, CRE, Principal

Addresses incorrect equipment design, insufficient or excessive preventive maintenance, poorly executed preventive maintenance, and incorrect or insufficient inspection and monitoring. 

(Pt 1) Availability: The First Element of Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  January 2022 , Lagging Metrics for Asset Management: OEE / Drew Troyer, CRE, Principal

Employing OEE’s Availability element to analyze, manage, and reduce Planned Unavailability (downtime).  

5 Ways to Improve the Business Impact of STO Events

  January 2022 , Put the Dollars and Cents into Your Decision-Making / John Natarelli, Senior Manager

Poor STO preparation and execution can have a long-lasting effect on a business that goes far beyond the basic maintenance work performed. Here are five key factors that

T.A. Cook defends title as Hidden Champion in Asset Performance Management

  December 2021

The international management consultancy T.A. Cook, part of Accenture, has been recognized as a Hidden Champion again and defends the title as the leading consultancy for Asset Performance Management. 

T.A. Cook becomes part of Accenture

  November 2021

Accenture Acquires T.A. Cook, Strengthening Asset Performance Management Capabilities for Clients in Capital-Intensive Industries  

Resetting Maintenance Field Supervision After the COVID 19 Lockdowns

  August 2021 / Peter Munson, Senior Manager & Global Expertise Lead Maintenance

Your organization undoubtedly made significant changes to cope with COVID. Even if it took a while to make those changes, when it happened it was done decisively, it was well communicated, and it was monitored and

A Human Body Analogy For Equipment Asset Management

  July 2021 / Drew Troyer, CRE, Principal

How equipment asset management is like the human body. Find out what helps this body stay healthy and what makes it sick.  

RCM Strategies for the Rapidly Unfolding Market Recovery

  May 2021 / Lance Bisinger, Principal, Global Expert Lead Reliability / Peter Munson, Senior Manager & Global Expertise Lead Maintenance

Asset managers will be challenged to rapidly transition from COVID-imposed constraints to an extended period of maximum production. Meanwhile, the prudent ones in the bunch will

DMA – A compass for a successful Digital Transformation Journey

  February 2021 / Markus Lewerenz, Principal & Global Expertise Lead Digital Solutions

Studies show that over 80% of digital transformation initiatives miss their targets. When we start a digitization project with clients, we therefore always recommend starting with

“Trust is the basis for successful change.”

  September 2020

Without the trust of employees and their willingness to embrace something new, change processes are in danger of failing. That's why Julian Pflügl believes that open communication