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Facing the Post Pandemic Labor Shortage

  April 2022 / Chris Monson, Maintenance and Reliability Expert

What can a manufacturing organization do to retained its skilled workforce, attract new talent, and build operational resiliency in this challenging climate? 

5 Ways to Improve the Business Impact of STO Events

  January 2022 , Put the Dollars and Cents into Your Decision-Making / John Natarelli, Senior Manager

Poor STO preparation and execution can have a long-lasting effect on a business that goes far beyond the basic maintenance work performed. Here are five key factors that

T.A. Cook defends title as Hidden Champion in Asset Performance Management

  December 2021

The international management consultancy T.A. Cook, part of Accenture, has been recognized as a Hidden Champion again and defends the title as the leading consultancy for Asset

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness): A Lagging Indicator for Asset Management

  November 2021 / Drew Troyer, CRE, Principal

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is an elegant but complicated asset-management metric. Used properly, with a clear focus on optimizing it to maximize profitability or Return on Net Assets (RONA), OEE can help guide

T.A. Cook becomes part of Accenture

  November 2021

Accenture Acquires T.A. Cook, Strengthening Asset Performance Management Capabilities for Clients in Capital-Intensive Industries  

Demand Driven Maintenance

  October 2021 , Put the Dollars and Cents into Your Decision-Making / Peter Munson, Senior Manager & Global Expertise Lead Maintenance

DDM and T.A. Cook’s STRYVE modeling tool give Operations and Maintenance the common, data-driven picture they need to pull in the same direction. Ultimately, implementing DDM across most or all assets can change the way

EPC Projects in Plant Engineering: Risk Management is Often the Weak Link

  September 2021 / Darko Peraic, Senior Manager

Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects are the pinnacle of the process industry. These projects are characterised by their technical complexity, with a range of

CAPEX best practices – 6 golden rules to keep large industrial projects on track

  September 2021 / Dr. Thomas Glöckler, Project Manager and CAPEX Expert

Done right, investment projects represent one of the greatest potentials for companies seeking to decisively improve their performance.  

Successful Maintenance and Reliability Change Starts at the Shop Floor

  September 2021 / Chris Monson, Maintenance and Reliability Expert

Successful change management for maintenance and reliability departments through hands on supervision 

RCM Strategies for the Rapidly Unfolding Market Recovery

  May 2021 / Lance Bisinger, Principal, Global Expert Lead Reliability / Peter Munson, Senior Manager & Global Expertise Lead Maintenance

Asset managers will be challenged to rapidly transition from COVID-imposed constraints to an extended period of maximum production. Meanwhile, the prudent ones in the bunch will