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The End of Subjectivity

  April 2018 / Gert Müller, Partner

Turnarounds in large industrial plants can become money pits if the advance preparations aren’t right. The new Project Intelligence Tool from T.A. Cook helps to improve the quality of preparations, thereby significantly reducing the risk of longer

A perfect turnaround

  March 2018

Unpredictible obstacles are part of the job in turnaround projects. In a computer-based simulation, decision-makers learn how to deal with them in practice and yet without any

Meeting of the minds

  September 2017 / Philip Morel, Partner, North America

Contractors in the process industry have long been much more than just subcontractors who carry out standard tasks. They assume a central role in production and maintenance, which

No more tunnel vision

  September 2017 / David Fleming, Manager

Massive improvement opportunities often lurk within maintenance in large-scale technical installations. Comparisons with other locations and competitors can help uncover them. The challenge with this kind of benchmarking

Hitting the bullseye

  March 2017 / Marco Wagner, Knowledge Manager

Regular turnaround reviews help to plan shutdowns with more efficiency and management – provided that the appropriate mindset and culture of feedback is in place.