Quit Guessing: Turn Data into Information

  July 2021 / Drew Troyer, CRE, Principal

Many operations lack even a basic, comprehensive definition of name-plate information or bills of materials. This type of sloppy data management keeps us in the dark when making decisions and keeps us guessing. Yes, information is the true difference

Change Management From The Middle Out

  June 2021 / Drew Troyer, CRE, Principal

We support our clients with a variety of initiatives to improve the performance, reliability, safety, and environmental sustainability of their plant equipment and manufacturing

Achieving STO Targets with Team Alignment

  June 2021 / Mike Asquini

STO events are complex undertakings that organizations may spend between 12 and 36 months to prepare for. The targets for a STO event include cost, duration, safety, and quality.

RCM Strategies for the Rapidly Unfolding Market Recovery

  May 2021 / Lance Bisinger, Principal, Global Expert Lead Reliability / Peter Munson, Senior Manager & Global Expertise Lead Maintenance

Asset managers will be challenged to rapidly transition from COVID-imposed constraints to an extended period of maximum production. Meanwhile, the prudent ones in the bunch will also be setting themselves up for

Managing Maintenance as a Value Center

  April 2021 / Peter Munson, Senior Manager & Global Expertise Lead Maintenance

Maintenance managers must take it upon themselves break out of the cost center mold and start measuring and communicating their value as business partners. The maintenance cost center trap is undercutting your company’s

Cut Costs With Risk Based Inspections

  April 2021 / Massimiliano Giffuni, Maintenance and Reliability Expert

Inspection is critical to the reliability of static assets. When utilized correctly with RBI, it can not only reduce the overall risk of a manufacturing plant, but it can at times yield significant cost savings. With

Early Identification of Risk through Simple Remote Analysis

  March 2021 , Maximizing Remote Work – Enhancing Site Reliability with Minimal Data / Colemann O'Malley, Manager

It is often said that “reliability happens in the field,” but engineers have not been able to spend as much time at the plant and in the units due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Does Machine Learning Require a Data Lake?

  March 2021 / Tim White, Senior Manager

Often, information can be much more enlightening when data is correlated from multiple applications across an enterprise and possibly even from the internet. With multiple data

Cut the FLAB: Add Precision to Your RCM Strategies to Achieve These 6 Financial Benefits

  February 2021 / Drew Troyer, CRE, Principal / Peter Munson, Senior Manager & Global Expertise Lead Maintenance

Industry experts Drew Troyer and Peter Munson explain how properly executed precision maintenance will improve equipment reliability results in considerable cost savings for your

DMA – A compass for a successful Digital Transformation Journey

  February 2021 / Markus Lewerenz, Principal & Global Expertise Lead Digital Solutions

Studies show that over 80% of digital transformation initiatives miss their targets. When we start a digitization project with clients, we therefore always recommend starting with