T.A. Cook named Leader in Asset Performance Management

T.A. Cook named Leader in Asset Performance Management

in the 2019 ALM Intelligence Vanguard report

Houston, TX – October 20, 2019. The international management consultancy T.A. Cook has been recognized as a Leader in Asset Performance Management in a new ALM Intelligence Vanguard report 2019.


The ALM Vanguard Asset Performance Management Consulting (c) 2019 report states, “T.A. Cook is highly effective in drawing out knowledge embedded in client's existing workforce while simultaneously helping them achieve their full potential by developing skills, competencies and receptivity to embracing the change needed to produce a culture of performance."

The ALM report ranked T.A. Cook as a top leader in terms of client impact and depth of consulting capabilities, with “legendary” status marks in needs assessments and management systems.
T.A. Cook is thrilled to have moved up the ranks from the 2018 report in all three categories: Depth, Breadth, and Client Impact. T.A. Cook now ranks third among 30 reviewed agencies.

“It's great to be among the top leaders in Asset Performance Management. We owe this to our customers' confidence in our performance and the dedication of all our team members.”

Frank-Uwe Hess, Co-Founder and Chairman


The ALM report assessment section claims, “T.A. Cook consultants possess the holy grail combination of in-depth technical knowledge in asset reliability and maintenance optimization methods with practical change management capabilities that help clients achieve distinctive, lasting impact. With a deep understanding of the theory, practice and realities of asset management in an industrial setting, the firm’s practitioner consultants help clients to run their assets efficiently and effectively.”


Founded in 1994, T.A. Cook is reaching 25 years of dedicated service as the leading industry expert in asset performance management. While spending many years focused on maintenance, turnarounds, shutdowns, outages, capital projects, and operations, T.A. Cook is excitedly expanding services into reliability, digitalization, and spare parts management with more growth expected in terms of depth and breadth of consulting capabilities.

For more information, visit www.tacook.com or call 832-916-3638.

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