TAR Conference - Trends 2019

TAR Conference - Trends 2019

TAR Conference - Trends 2019

At the 15th Annual T.A. Cook TAR Conference once again turnaround experts from all over Germany came together to discuss key industry trends and issues. A focus this time: the shift from the buyer to the seller market which means that plant operators are increasingly dependent on a shrinking pool of TAR service providers. What challenges and opportunities does this development offer for both sides?



Community gathering - since 15 years turnaroud experts meet at the TAR annual meeting (Video is in German language)

Exchange of experience among experts

A key success factor of the TAR conference is the exchange of experience among the experts. Operators from the process industry as well as engineering specialists and manufacturers once again provided insights into best practices, including well known companies. Suggestions for solutions were presented and typical problems were considered from different perspectives. Interactive discussions on pre-TAR onboarding, Industry 4.0 for shutdowns as well as a comparison of views Operator service providers also provided important insights. During the demo jam, attendees also learned about innovative turnaround tools and apps.

 "See you next time!" was the most common farewell greeting from the participants. Good thing that the next event is already scheduled - from 29 to 30.01.2020 in Potsdam.



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