For more than 20 years we have been creating focused, business driven, B2B events across a range of topics and industry areas, including maintenance and wider asset management. Our events enable our audiences to future-proof their businesses. We bring them together with the visionaries, disruptors, and leading practitioners in their field to discuss key topics, approaches, new strategies and the latest innovations.

By combining business critical information with a community of subject matter experts ready to network, discuss, share and learn from each other our events provide a memorable experience and lasting connections. Here is a selection of our upcoming events.

Event Calendar


Join our regular webinar series featuring exclusive expert insights on STO, reliability, maintenance and other topics.

In addition we also organize events and seminars in the areas of IT and technology, energy, project management, finance and SAP Solutions. More information here.


James Haggan

James Haggan

Head of Events, EMEA