Maintenance is a critical service that can create additional value for your organization. Too often, maintenance is seen through a cost center lens, resulting in repeated budget cuts rather than strategic improvements that improve both effectiveness and cost performance. We have found that most heavy industrial asset operations could realize significant financial benefits through properly informed improvements to maintenance management, strategy, and organization. With the right approach, maintenance organizations can improve equipment reliability and support greater production throughput, while also providing the best maintenance cost performance.

Our approach is based on a holistic, data-informed review of your maintenance and reliability organization that identifies improvement strategies tailored to your organizational maturity, asset base, operating context, and market pressures. Our methods improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your maintenance and reliability organization by tackling root causes ranging from maintenance business processes and work order management to equipment strategies and specific reliability-centered maintenance challenges.

Key Challenges

~ 1%

of available maintenance data is used for decision making and to manage maintenance.


of activities are spent on costly reactive work.


time on tools reflects poor maintenance productivity resulting from ineffective work order management.


adapt their maintenance strategies to current business plans.

Our Strategy & Solutions

T.A. Cook’s teams of specialized consultants, engineers and development coaches provide a unique approach to operational challenges to develop and implement programs that increase and sustain our clients’ profitability. Each project is run by T.A. Cook with client participation throughout and is governed by clear accountabilities, milestones and expectation of measurable benefits.

With our DRIVE approach, we use agile increments that focus on specific performance levers to achieve rapid and quantifiable improvement results. We apply high performance coaching and performance monitoring to enable these changes and make them sustainable across the organization. See our DRIVE change management page for more details.

Our Service Offering

Current State Analysis​ & Benchmarking

Many organizations have analyzed and made improvements to their maintenance program, but few have truly optimized the business of maintenance. Where does your organization stack up against world-class industry leaders and how can your maintenance department break out of the cost center mold and add real value? Our analysis pairs data-rich benchmarking via our Maindex database with the deep insights of true maintenance and reliability experts, guided by our MainMap assessment tool. Our cross-functional teams include maintenance, reliability, and operations technology experts. The result is a full picture of where you are today, an understanding of where you stand against industry competition, and a customized roadmap to unlock greater value.


Maintenance Business Strategies

The most successful organizations take an approach that quantifies and optimizes the maintenance organization’s value in enabling production output. Our approach takes into account maintenance, reliability, and operational context factors to accurately plot where your maintenance program stands in the bigger picture and how to optimize the value maintenance provides to the organization. We support the creation of strategies that are informed by the best in reliability and digital analytics, including:

  • Strategic asset management plans
  • Effective equipment strategies
  • Selected maintenance strategies
  • Contract and contractor strategies
  • Organizational structure. See Operations & Asset Management for more details


Optimized Work Order Management​

Maintenance productivity is greatest when the work order management process is humming. The basic mechanisms for work identification, prioritization, planning, scheduling, execution, and closeout are well established. Regardless, most organizations still struggle to overcome a reactive culture and inefficient work-arounds that cripple quality and productivity. We have extensive experience in creating healthy processes and cultures around work order management. Additionally, we have specific expertise to improve, train, and coach on your work identification, gatekeeping/prioritization, planning, scheduling, and execution. From planning and scheduling best practices and tools to the implementation of planner norms and even precision maintenance techniques, we can address your needs from start to finish. In all, our approach is proven in improving hands-on-tool time (HoTT) productivity by 30% or more for most clients, as well as creating better, more proactive maintenance results that lower costs and improve overall equipment effectiveness.


Reliability, Analytics, and Digital Tools

We tailor our approach to integrate the right people, knowledge, and tools from across our expertise areas for each project. We aim for every maintenance project to incorporate our reliability analytical capabilities and expertise. Additionally, we bring a unique combination of maintenance, reliability, and operations technology expertise to help you apply the right digital technology to optimized processes. Please see our Reliability and Digitalization expertise pages for more information on those areas.


Maintenance Business Processes

Even if work order management and maintenance strategies are in good shape, many organizations still suffer from inefficiencies in their maintenance business management processes and approaches. Our experts bring a unique combination of business acumen and maintenance expertise to help you get the most maintenance and reliability value out of:


Success Stories

"Thanks to T.A. Cook‘s coaching and tenacity, our OEE transformation was successful, visible and tangible."

Philippe Simetin, Group ME Project Manager, Solvay Rheinberg

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