Turnarounds, Shutdowns & Outages

Executing successful turnarounds and shutdowns is a delicate balancing act, requiring a depth of planning, scheduling and people management expertise. The sheer scale of work alone can be overwhelming, which is why our optimization programs have been specifically designed to help managers control the scope, identify potential in preparation and execution and make the improvements that are necessary. We don’t have a standard plan because every site, every turnaround and every team is different, but we do have the right experience and expertise to get you on track and achieve the results you need.

T.A. Cook Engineers

The dedicated team at T.A. Cook Engineers offers a range of truly independent professional turnaround, shutdown and outage services including expert and interim management. Our highly experienced staff are trusted by leading international corporations and mid-sized business alike to run individual events, direct whole departments or support the on-site team with critical activities and cope with heavy workloads.

Readiness Reviews & Audits

Accurately predict your TAR duration and costs with a series of structured interviews, observations and data analysis exercises at critical phases in the preparation and execution. Our positive audits are designed to identify opportunity and define realistic, concrete actions to reduce risk and save on duration and cost.

Execution Reviews

Define your overall execution productivity by conducting a detailed review of the hands-on-tool time in consideration of coordination, supervision, control and reporting quality. After a comparative analysis, we will identify efficiency improvements—typically 10 to 25%.

Process Improvements

Gauge your project’s complexity, detail and quality to industry best practice and develop an optimal front-end loaded (FEL) process for continuous improvement. We can assist with anything from training and coaching staff to full turn-key event management.


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Gert Müller

Gert Müller


Deliver an excellent TA: Be prepared, engage people

  September 2017, BIC Magazine / Mike Asquini, Senior Consultant at T.A. Cook

TA preparation extends beyond planning, scheduling and logistics. Perfecting the daily plan, providing training to both new and old personnel to reinforce active supervisory behaviors and identifying delays to reduce their impact on the event lays the project€™s foundation.