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Asset Performance Excellence

With an extensive background in Asset Performance Management we offer support in shaping individual strategies to increase the reliability of operations while ensuring optimal performance at a lower sustainable cost. We concentrate on our core competencies to achieve measurable results and sustainable change for our clients:

Digital Solutions

T.A. Cook’s experts identify digital opportunities and know that turning them into a success story requires everybody from shop floor to boardroom to understand, support and embrace the change. 


Did you know that ~1% of applicable data is used to drive decision making and to manage the business? Having a realistic understanding of operations and commercial realities allows for maintenance strategies to be optimized.​ 

STO Management

90% of STOs don't reach expected goals. We help our clients find the best answers for them by creating standard processes, providing specialist resources and even running whole turnarounds on a risk-share basis. Find out, how you can be among the 10%. 

Reliability Management

Unexpected equipment failures cause a high level of corrective maintenance work orders. We provide a unique approach to operational challenges to develop and implement reliability programs that increase and sustain your profitability. 


We support companies to optimize their network and operational footprint by developing a tailored strategic roadmap focusing on an integrative view of manufacturing networks, i.e. the interactions between the sites and the central company units. 

Capital Projects

For the most part capital processes are similar and follow fairly standard gate sequences yet we have found that few projects deliver anything like the results they should. Lets change that together. 

Meet the Experts