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Operations & Asset Management Strategy

Operations & Asset Management Strategy

Successfully plan and control your plant


In an ever changing world, adapting strategies and optimizing the global footprint to meet customer requirements at competitive unit cost is paramount. From an operational perspective the ideal number, capacity and capability of plants has to be defined and laid out. To meet customer expectations on-time in-full the organizational setup and the supply chain as well as manufacturing processes will be organized according to lean principles. Using best practices and applying intelligent asset management will lead to a high performance equipment demonstrating high reliability and output.

Having helped determine the cornerstones of a manufacturing strategy we actively support our clients with its implementation by driving efficiency and effectiveness through a holistic approach. We help to optimize every area of personnel deployment and utilization as well as  match them to available technology and the opportunities afforded by lean manufacturing methods. In all these areas we at T.A. Cook make it our business to help our clients optimize theirs.

Key Benefits


reduction of unit costs


points increase in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)


less spend on asset maintenance and care


of on-time in-full

Our Strategy & Solutions

T.A. Cook’s team of specialized consultants, engineers and supporting coaches develop and implement programs that increase and sustain our clients’ profitability. The approach is unique; combining technical and process knowledge with change management capabilities. As we speak the language of senior management as well as shop floor employees transferring innovative strategies into operational success is the desired result. Focused on implementing measurable benefits, our specialists will drive the program governed by a clear structure as well as transparent communication and milestones, exceeding our clients expectations.

Our Service Offering

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Many organizations have analyzed and made improvements to their maintenance program, but few have truly optimized the business of maintenance. Where does your organization stack up against world-class industry leaders and how can your maintenance department break out of the cost center mold and add real value? Our analysis pairs data-rich benchmarking via our Maindex database with the deep insights of true maintenance and reliability experts, guided by our MainMap assessment tool. Our cross-functional teams include maintenance, reliability, and operations technology experts. The result is a full picture of where you are today, an understanding of where you stand against industry competition, and a customized roadmap to unlock greater value.


We support companies to optimize their network and operational footprint  by developing a tailored strategic roadmap focusing on an integrative view of manufacturing networks, i.e. the interactions between the sites and the central company units.

This framework includes support with regards to the definition of strategic questions as well as the configuration and coordination of the network e.g. decisions about the organizational design of the production capacities and supplier strategies.

At network and site levels alike we support organizations to develop and fine tune their manufacturing strategy by analyzing the product range and optimizing the production wheel. Looking into differentiation factors like price/cost, quality, ability to supply and flexibility, we provide and implement respective improvement recommendations.


We analyze and rebuild current organizational structures on network and local levels by checking against resource requirements, organizational effectiveness, best practice ratios of direct reports as well as roles and responsibilities of the different management functions and positions. Transformation is always oriented and based on industry benchmarks and lean principles.

Management System & Performance Management

Well-structured figures, facts & data generate transparency allowing you to evaluate and judge business relevant relations. This information builds a solid foundation which management at various organizational layers can base their decisions on. We provide our clients with benchmarks, a best practice methodology and a metrics cascade adapted to their specific demand. Furthermore we train and coach leaders in using these data & tools to take actions and drive continuous performance optimization. Control rooms and dashboards visualize results, whereas achievements increase the motivation of the employees and stimulate leaders to make accurate decisions for further improvements.

Cost Management

We actively support our clients to sustain a competitive edge by running their operations with the best achievable unit costs. Diligent and forward oriented cost management is one important cornerstone for strategic growth and short term operational success. Embedded in scenario planning and agile market driven budgeting we establish practices to control and manage fixed and variable costs like energy, feedstock, personal and equipment. Supported by digital tools and metrics  the resulting transparency enables management to make the right decisions at the right time.

Process & Digitalization

Efficient working processes supported by digitalization help reducing losses and waste and will increase yield and output. We know what good looks like and do not only provide our clients with best practices and digital solutions but support and enable them to implement optimization initiatives into practice.  Change management will consider the autonomy of the sites, resource allocation in the network, the design of systems for the exchange of both information and knowledge between the sites, and the definition of process technology and digitalization.

Leadership & People Culture

Transformation will only be successful when change management is focused on people`s behavior. Communication concepts support sending objectives, expectations and achievements into the organization. At work floor and first line management level we promote employee empowerment, develop management skills and strongly involve management and the workforce alike in the transformation process through training and coaching. Even digitalization initiatives are centered around individuals and thrive on employee collaboration.

Our success stories

"T.A. Cook helped us change our status-quo by initiat-ing our mindset and behavior change process."

General Manager, Solvay Rare Earth China


Please talk to our expert to find out how we can support you

Bernd Zanger

Bernd Zanger

Principal Director & Intelligent Asset Management Operations & Asset Management Expertise Lead